Central Control Systems

  • Intuitive software helps to Sharpen Your Instincts
  • Complete system integration for one source information
  • New platform designed for future innovations
  • Editable map graphics


Field Controllers

  • Above ground satellite or below ground 2-wire systems
  • Wireless, hard wired or hybrid communication options
  • Allow for easy expansion and energy efficiency


Micro/Drip Irrigation

  • Water placed precisely where you need it – at the root zone
  • Treflan® root inhibitor keeps roots out and water flowing
  • Pressure regulation for uniform application from each emitter
  • Low evaporation rates and never affected by the wind



  • World’s #1 selling golf sprinkler for over 45 years
  • Performance, durability and reliability second to none
  • Unsurpassed nozzle performance, selection and flexibility
  • Lowest long term cost of ownership



  • Measure moisture, salinity and temperature
  • Integrates directly into Lynx™ Central Control System
  • Fully supported by Toro NSN® Support team



  • Exceptional performance in high sand applications
  • Water efficient nozzles like the Precision™ Spray and Rotating Series
  • X-flow® allows servicing during operation – Standard!
  • Check valve prevents low head drainage – Standard!

Swing Joints

  • Provides a vast assortment of mainline to sprinkler connections
  • Ensures proper sprinkler alignment for optimum nozzle performance
  • Protects piping system from impact damage
  • Durable schedule 80 PVC construction



  • Brass and plastic control valves for every pressure and flow
  • Pressure regulation for optimum sprinkler performance
  • Spike Guard™ solenoid for low power use and high lightning resistance
  • Full line of quick couplers for instant mainline water connection